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Where the world is rapidly changing and new technologies are getting introduced every passing day, it’s not easy to identify top fastest growing careers which can reward for longer run. Unfortunately gone are the days where people used work for decades in same company without giving damn to enhancing their skills.

The only way you can survive and be relevant today is if you have fluid mindset to upgrade your skills and ready to shift to industries which are trending and going to thrive in future.


Let me walk you through some hard hitting facts while I was researching on this –

  •  Job losses due to COVID-19 is estimated to be 47 million in USA alone – FED  i.e. India is not far way and recession is around the corner which will be bigger than 2008

  •  37% of Jobs by 2022 in India will be radically changed skill sets – Nasscom i.e. if you are not changing with times there is high chances that you are doomed to a stagnant career at best or potential long-term unemployment at the worst

  • 85% of Jobs that will exist in 2030 is not invented yet – Institute For The Future (IFTF) i.e. the future is for the people who are constant learners and adaptable else you will be a dinosaur

  • 60% of Indian employers finding talent crunch in India – The Hindu i.e. 60% of 42K employers thinks that there is a skill set mismatch in today’s work force. Opportunity is open but people with right skill sets are not available!

    • 2 Billion current jobs will disappear by 2030 – TEDx speech

The one and only pattern popping out from all the study is that the work you will be doing in next 5 years is going to be drastically different from today. Are you ready for that? If you are expecting employers to give you the training as per emerging trends then let God save you !

Now the question is that what types of career will thrive in future?


Here are the top 12 fastest growing careers in this decade:

  1.  Digital Knowledge Givers – eLearning is the future. The ability to gain new knowledge will be more valuable than the knowledge itself. Our education system is way behind to catch up with emerging skill sets required and by the time these gets added to the curriculum the world would have gone far ahead again. Moreover, the whole dynamics of education is changing too where traditional education system will not be relevant and people will prefer learning their areas of interest and trending skills online at their comfort and do not wants to spend decades in learning something which is outdated. If you are in that space or want to be in that space then the demand will be huge

  2.  Application Development  – Due to emergence of digital, automation and mobile internet , the demand for IT developers will increase. Again you need to constantly relearning emerging technologies (AI, Robotics etc) to stay relevant

  3. Home Healthcare Aid – Life expectancy is increasing worldwide due to inventions and robust health care systems. As the people live longer demand for Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapists and other healthcare assistants will be at all time high. Elder care will be the new essential need

  4. Creative Professionals – AI, Robotics and, AR/VR are just emerging and not comparable to human creativity. If you are creative professional such as artist, photographers and designers then you will be in huge demand because these emerging technologies requires creative people to develop it

  5. Marketing and Sales – Content marketing is in huge demand because every organization wants to reach out to it’s potential customers online. Moreover, sales conversion from bots are very less compared to sales people. If you are in digital marketing and online sales that’s the hot space to be in

  6. Gaming  To be frank anything online is hot space to be in. Online gaming industry provides one of the fastest growing career due to easy access to mobile and interne

  7. Fintech – There is lot’s of attention given by governments to digitize financial systems. So if you are a fintech professional then there will be big demand since there are many big banks, private companies and startups are looking for fintech professionals

  8. Management Professionals – Here I am not talking about MBAs but people who makes decision. AI and Robotics or any other technologies can’t automate something where human decision is required

  9. IT System Admins – Every organization is digitizing it’s infrastructures and it’s not going to stop but surge. So demand for managing IT infrastructure will be high

  10. Cyber Security – Since more and more people start using online facilities the risk of online frauds also increase drastically. So organizations have to deploy more cyber security resources to tackle this

  11. Risk Professionals – As the economy grows, organization grows the risk associated will increase. Operational risk, financial risk , credit risk, goodwill risk to name a few. So demand for professionals who can check a control on these risks will be high

  12. Beauty Professionals – Everyone wants to look good and young. That too while you are posting stuffs online you want to be at your best. So Beauty industry will thrive


You have two choices:

          1. Become a future ready and ride the wave


          2. Don’t take any action now and forced to hardship in future

Please leave your comments and thoughts below. I would love to hear your perspective on what are the top fastest growing careers you want to pursue!

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