How to Find Products and Brands to Promote as an Affiliate Marketer

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You're likely here because you want to make money online. That's great! There are a few different ways to do this, but one of the most popular is becoming an affiliate marketer and promoting products on your site or social media platforms in exchange for a commission from the sale. However, there are many other things that need to be considered before doing so.

In this blog post I will give some tips on how to find products and brands that will work well with your audience and some of my favorite resources that help to find new products and brands to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Before we dive in to understanding how to find best products for affiliate marketing, best affiliate marketing websites to find products / brands or find best affiliate marketing platforms, let’s understand how affiliate marketing really works.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?


Affiliates advertise brands or companies online by promoting their products or services through blogs, email campaigns, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube videos amongst other things; they get paid anytime someone clicks on one of those links leading them back to that company website where then purchase something first time customers usually do so with what you're advertising via your own blog posts/articles etc..

Affiliate marketer gets paid depends upon agreement objective between affiliates and the brand / merchants. Some objectives are:

1.     Pay Per Sale

2.     Pay Per Lead

3.     Pay Per Click

If you want to go deep and understand step by step you may do so here.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing Promotion Channels

Depends upon your niche and market dynamics not all affiliates promote products in same way. In fact, there are several different marketing channels they may leverage.


This is one of the common ways to promote product or service. The blogger samples the product or service and then writes a comprehensive review that promotes the brand in a compelling way, driving traffic back to the seller’s site.

With the ability to rank organically through SEO optimization, if done right bloggers can send massive traffic to the brand / company they are promoting.



Influencer is someone who holds the power of impacting large segment of population in one or multiple niches. Since influencers already have massive engaged fan following, they are in a great position to benefit from affiliate marketing.

Although influencer marketing is famous on most of the social medias, Instagram is the popular one where brands partner with influencers who are seen as experts or authorities in their specific niches.


3.     Email Lists

Old is gold. Despite its old origin email marketing is very effective source of affiliate income.

If you are just starting out, don’t worry! You can start building your email list overtime and leverage to promote products.


4.     Large media websites

These websites promote products to their gigantic audience through the use of banners and contextual affiliate links. This method offers superior exposure and improves conversion rates, resulting in a top-notch revenue for both the seller and the affiliate.

Pro Tip: If you are a novice and wants to understand various means to get unlimited traffic to your blog / website then read here.

Now let’s understand how to Find Products and Brands to Promote as an Affiliate Marketer. If you are looking to monetize your blog or earn a passive income promoting someone else’s products or services, then the best place to begin is joining an affiliate networks or marketplaces.

What is an Affiliate Network or Marketplace?

An affiliate network is a marketplace that connects affiliates like bloggers or influencers, with companies looking to promote their products or services.

These networks often offer reporting tools, training, and other resources for affiliates to become successful in the affiliate marketing industry.

The most popular example of an affiliate network is Amazon (Amazon Associate Program) where hundreds of thousands have been able to find success in promoting its products and earn commissions for each sale they make.

Should You Join Affiliate Networks?

If you have clarity about your niche (that’s the first step I have outlined here), then this makes them one of the most straightforward ways to monetize a blog or earn passive income. Because affiliate networks can connect you to thousands of brands and makes your life easier to find products or brands that resonates with your audience.

Here are the some of the benefits of joining affiliate network marketplace:

  • Secured Payments – No need to chase for payments; platform handles it for you as an intermediary

  • Variety Of Choices – Choose products or services that matches to your audience

  • Reporting – Date is the new Diva in this digital era. You will have access to various analytics and reporting tools to analyze, correct and scale

  • Rewards and Incentives – Some networks offer additional incentives based on your performance which will increase your earnings

One thing you should be aware of these networks that each have different criterions to meet if you want to be admitted.

Checkpoints Before Choosing A Network

There are thousands of affiliate networks pops up when you Google but not every network suits you or not even legitimate. You can easily mislead and burn your wallet in no time.

So you must be wondering, how to select right affiliate network which suits my niche and at the same time legitimate? I will make your life easy 😊

Here are some checkpoints I usually consider before finalizing any network:

  • Product Match – Start with your audience. Does the network offer products or brands that matches with your existing audience or audience you are likely to build? Will the networks help you connect with brands your audience will be interested in?

  • Commission Rate – How much will you earn when you make a sale through your promotion? This can differ widely

  • Joining Requirements – Some networks expect certain amount of traffic or own a well-established website

  • Miscellaneous Fees – Some networks charges additional fees for setup, training, reporting etc.

  • Tracking Duration - Tracking duration refers to how long a network tracks and gives you credit for a prospective buyer. Durations can vary drastically from platform to platform. For example, Amazon’s tracking duration is just 24 hours, while Weebly offers 120 days. More the duration more chance to credited for a sale

My Top 8 Affiliate Network Marketplaces

Now let me help you choose the network that best fits your need. Below is in my order of preference 😊

Please go through these affiliate programs and select the best fit.

#8 ClickBank

This is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world providing wide range of physical or digital products. Every guru’s out there will send you to ClickBank while teaching affiliate marketing 😉


However, be sure to check out products listed there before you promote them—not all available products are of high quality.

ClickBank is suitable for all levels of affiliate marketers who want to promote but mostly physical products.

#7 JVZoo

This is a very massive networks with over 800K active affiliates that have made over $1.2 billion in sales.


Unlike ClickBank or other networks, JVZoo mostly lists marketing, tech and AI related product range.

#6 Amazon Associates (Amazon Affiliate Program)

No introduction needed here. They have everything pretty much you can think of!


Amazon affiliate marketing is suitable for any kind of affiliate marketers however commission rate is just around 5% compared to other platforms.

#5 Share A Sale

This is one of the affiliate networks which has long track record over 2 decades and survived test of times and still going strong with some of the big brands exclusive in this network such as WP Engine, OptinMonster, Reebok etc.


This has wide range of products from physical, Digital, SAAS or even dating services and pay highly competitive commissions.

#4 Impact

If you would like to promote big brands in the world and earn commissions then there is no other network than this.


World’s renowned brands such as Adidas, Walmart, Airbnb, Uber and many more listed in their network. They offer one of the best tracking tools for reporting and analysis.

#3 CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

This is one of the world’s oldest and largest affiliate marketing networks. CJ Affiliate works with thousands of brands, including big names like Lowe’s, Barnes and Noble, Priceline, and Overstock.


Beauty of this network is that each product is ranked based on EPC (Earning Per Click) which will help you choose the right products to promote.

I suggest this network for mid to experienced level affiliates who already have sizable audience and not for beginners.

#2 Network Marketing Companies

You can become a connector with established big giant network marketing companies out there. This brings out very huge opportunities to tap in to.

One of my favorites is 7K Metals. Do you like to invest small part of your earnings in GOLD & SILVER and at the same time earn commissions?? 7K Metals offers that.


Other big brands are such as Amway, Herbalife, ACN, Primerica etc.

They have huge built in network and offers wonderful trainings and setup assistance so you won’t feel like alone.

#1 Private & Direct

I know you are eagerly waiting for my #1 affiliate network 😊 This is the secret network nobody is talking about.


You are directly collaborating with brands which will resonate with your audience. Look for great brands that have ecosystems and you create a marketing systems and even strategically combine multiple brands together.

Sounds crazy? I don’t want to overwhelm you here but I would like to take you step by step how to tap in to this #1 network and create multiple stream of income.

Here is the deal! End of this blog I will invite you to an Exclusive Masterclass we are hosting which is completely FREE and you can attend LIVE to learn more about this network and tap in if you are convinced.

It’s Time To Finalize Best Suitable Affiliate Network

Which affiliate network are you joining today or what products or brands you would like to associate with?

One thing you must remember. Not all affiliate marketing companies are legit, and even well-known names might not offer the type of products your audience is interested in.

Hence, my number one preference is Private & Direct Network!

One of the most important factors in choosing an affiliate network is what type of products they offer. Are you a mommy blogger? A makeup guru, fashionista or health and fitness junkie? Do you focus on one niche product or everything from kitchenware to pet supplies? Whatever your passion, there are networks out there that cater to your needs. 

The best part about joining these marketplaces is how easy it becomes for you to find new opportunities with little effort! You’ll have access to hundreds if not thousands of companies looking for affiliates who can promote their brands and sell their wares. It doesn't get much better than that. So let's say goodbye to passive income myths and hello to financial freedom by taking control.

What are your thoughts on our list of 8 top affiliate network marketplaces that can help bring in passive income every month? Please share with us! Comment below about which platform suits your needs more.

And don’t forget to register below to attend our upcoming FREE Masterclass and I cannot wait to meet you LIVE.