3 Secrets That Can Massively Jump Your Growth

written bySuneel Hegde
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Do you feel stuck in your life, career or business? 

In this podcast, I dive deep into the 3 secret elements which can help you make that Quantum Jump.

If I decode the formula of growth in my career, there are 3 elements or secrets which has contributed to my growth.

Everything is a “Frequency” – Thoughts, Lights, Sound

Life has different dimensions - Money, Relationships, Health & wellness, Spirituality and Career.

My mentor says you can raise your vibration in all areas if you associate yourself with things, people, videos, audios, courses, seminars and environments which are surcharged.

To raise your money frequency, you need to tune in to the frequency of millionaires and billionaires and align with their thoughts

Similarly, for relationships, career, health and spirituality pick your role models and align your thought process.

Not every day is Sunday, whenever you feel low, always remember that you can “switch your frequency” only if you decide to do.

When you are in anger, greed, fear, anxiety, jealous, these are energy suckers and quickly drop your frequency.

When people follow the Systems there is no looking back.

Deciding to change your “outcomes” is the most basic level of progress.

Deciding to change your “process” is better.

Deciding to change your “identity” and beliefs is what creates massive shifts.

How do you do that?

You need become your new "Character" what it takes to reach your dreams, ambitions.

Chunk these in to a smaller piece, you will see massive jump in your life.

Hope this makes sense to you!

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